Sunday, December 2, 2012

What's wrong with this picture?

There's something going on in this photograph that just isn't right:

It's not the fact that I was watching TV (and even decided to take a picture of the screen) at 2:29 in the morning.  It's not the ridiculous movie premise of "a spoiled heir who must repeat grades one through 12 in six months to inherit his family's hotel business."  It's not even the image of a first grade teacher making out with a circus clown.  No, the crazy thing about this picture is the fact that whoever is in charge of ratings at comcast decided to give Billy Madison one star.  One star???  This is Billy freaking Madison we're talking about here!  It may well be the number #1 rewatched comedy from my late high school/early college days.  Even if you think the acting is terrible and the plot is stupid, just it's quotability alone has got to earn it at least two stars.

I could have spent roughly 6 hours picking out about 45 different clips.  I'm limiting myself to two.


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