Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I've got a good idea for the New York Jets

Running Tebow into the line is dumb.
There's no Tebometer this week, Tim Tebow didn't throw a pass in the Jets 29-26 OT loss to New England on Sunday.  He did get to run the ball four times though, for a grand total of 12 yards.  Even though I don't think he's much of an asset, I assumed the Jets would at least try to use him creatively.  Pretty much all he did was take direct snaps and run straight ahead for a few yards each time.  Currently the Jets are getting basically no value out of their much over-hyped backup QB.  So here's my idea that will at least allow them to get something useful from Tebow: Make him the placekick holder.

Trailing 16-10 early in the 3rd quarter on Sunday, the Jets had a 4th and 2 at the Patriots 3 yard line.  My train of thought (being a Pats fan) as they trotted Nick Folk onto the field went something like this: "Oh nice, their kicking... Wait, what if they fake it?  What if they put in Tebow as the holder?  There's no way they don't get a TD if they do that... He could take it in by jumping over the pile, or run around the outside, or throw it, or roll out then throw it... Good, they kicked it."

Isn't that exactly what they got him for?  Historically backup QB's have frequently been holders anyway.  And if it was Tebow's normal job, other teams would be worried about fakes all the time.  It just makes no sense the Jets don't do that.


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