Friday, April 13, 2012

That Wakefield/Varitek first pitch ceremony should have been better

First of all, I have to give credit to my mom, who emailed me that idea the day Varitek retired.  But I don't think the Sox executed it as well as they could have.  They tried to do too much with it.  There was no need for Dwight Evans and Jim Rice to be involved.  And this is going to sound cruel and heartless, but I didn't like those kids being on the field either.  I'm not saying don't honor the kids, let them say "Play ball!" instead.  I don't think Johnny Pesky would have minded.

Here's what should have happened: They announce Wakefield is going to throw the first pitch as he steps out from behind the Monster with the ball in hand, and walks to the mound while the crowd goes wild.  Then they say "And catching the first pitch, Jason Varitek..." as he comes out from the dugout to his own standing ovation.  Then Wake throws it, 'Tek catches it, and they meet half way between the mound and home plate for a hug.  That's a way better moment.

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