Monday, April 30, 2012

My take on Rondo and Sox-A's

I've been waiting around watching espn and the twitter all day to hear the announcement of Rondo's one game suspension.  I know it's coming, and I don't understand what's taking David Stern so long.  Everything about this situation sucks.  The thing that's really eating at me is that if the refs hadn't botched the out of bounds call that they incorrectly gave to Atlanta 40 seconds earlier, not only would Boston still have had a great chance to win yesterday, but Rondo never would have become hot headed enough to pick up the technicals in the first place.  That one blown call could end up making the difference in two games (when Rajon can't play tomorrow), and in turn the entire series.  Ok, I've said my piece and am moving on.

The Red Sox head back to Fenway tonight for a three game series with the A's.  Buccholz looks to improve on his early season struggles, and the Tommy John surgeries appear to have gone well for a couple Sox pitchers.  You can read my complete series preview at


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