Friday, April 20, 2012

Do we have to win it all to be happy?

If you're a girl who doesn't like sports much, today you can read this and this instead.

It looks like Pierce and KG aren't going to play tonight.  Not to mention that Rondo, Ray, and Pietrus already didn't make the trip to Atlanta.  The Celtics have basically come to the conclusion that rest is more important than having home court advantage in the first round.  You can read my explanation of why this is the case at  They've made this decision in order to increase their chances of winning a championship.  But to me it brings up a very interesting debate: Are titles really the only goal?   To consider anything less a failure is unreasonable, right?  Isn't it still fun and enjoyable to watch a team have some playoff success, even if they don't win it all?

Back before the public opinion shifted to the Celtics being contenders once again, this was my reasoning for why it would have been stupid for Danny Ainge to break these guys up at the trade deadline.  I wanted to see what sort of fight they had left in them.  To me that was something that was without a doubt worth watching, even if it ended with an early playoff exit.  And while resting all the key guys now gives them a better chance to advance further in the long run, it also increases the chances that they might lose in the first round.  I'm not sure how I feel about this decision.  Watching a team win in the playoffs is always good, regardless of how long it lasts.

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