Thursday, January 19, 2012

Easily the BEST comment I've gotten yet

Last month I wrote a blog making fun of a TV commercial for Gamefly, which is basically the Netflix of video games.  In the ad there is a blond lady "Alex P" who talks about using it; and I sarcastically mocked her because I figured there was no way she actually played video games.  Well, apparently I was wrong.  The other day this comment popped up:

Even if this is fake it's pretty funny.  But I'm fairly certain it's real.  When you click on the name her blogger profile comes up, with a picture that looks like her.  And there's also a link to her blog in which she talks about being a Gamefly member.  It seems like a pretty elaborate hoax to create all that just to leave a comment @LucidSportsFan as a joke.  So Alex P, if you're reading this, I officially apologize.  Sorry for not believing that you are a real gamer.

UPDATE 1/20: Read the comment below!


  1. Thanks for believing me! Haha pretty much everyone finds it hard to believe that I play a lot of games. I was at GameStop the other day and the guy seemed kinda shocked that I was buying for myself lol
    But anyways thanks! ;)

  2. She's also a model (and actor? -- two profs. that seem to go hand-in-hand).


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