Monday, December 26, 2011

Tebometer Monday: I told you so!

On the Eve of the birth of Jesus, the Broncos "quarterback" completed 13 of 30 passes, lowering his career rate to 48.5%.  I spent all last week telling anybody who would listen that the Bills were going to beat Denver (they crushed them 40-14), and that the Broncos string of ridiculously good luck had run out.  After their loss to New England the week before, I suggested that Tebow's best days as an NFL quarterback might already be behind him.  Nothing that happened on the day before Christmas should make anybody think otherwise.  The ONE thing that Tebow had done consistently well this season was not turn the ball over.  But on Christmas Eve he threw 4 interceptions, including 2 for touchdowns; on back to back plays.  The Broncos will still be the AFC West champions if they beat Kansas City next Sunday (or if the Raiders lose to the Chargers), but even if they do make the playoffs I think they are a team to be taken lightly.

And for anybody who hasn't figured this out already, I'm trying to point out the humor in the fact that Tebow loves Jesus, but had a terrible game for Christmas.


  1. I assume you have seen the SNL sketch of Tim Tebow and Jesus? It is pretty awesome. Available on YouTube, look it up.

  2. oh yeah, seen it, thanks! it proved to be pretty much dead on...


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