Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's the best kind of cracker?

I think the proper way to determine this is to consider if health and calories were not a factor, which one would you be most likely to sit down and eat the whole box of just cause they're that good.  To me it's a two horse race: Cheez-its vs. Triscuits.  I could see somebody making a case for Animal Crackers, but I'm ruling them out because they're sweet and possibly a cookie.  Goldfish are another legitimate contender, but really aren't they just a poor man's Cheez-its?  I once dated a girl who claimed Ritz were her favorite, but I think she was just trying to pick a fight.  Saltines, Wheat Thins, and a ton of others have no chance because they're similar to Triscuits but clearly inferior.  I feel obligated to at least mention Graham Crackers, but nobody actually thinks they're the best.

So that brings me back to Cheez-it's and Triscuits.  If all I had was a box of crackers and nothing else, I think I might go with Cheez-it's.  But overall, I have to pick Triscuits because of their versatility.  They're great with peanut butter.  They're great with cheese.  I actually eat them all the time with both peanut butter and cheese, especially spicy pepper jack cheese (I know it sounds weird but trust me it's awesome, try it).  And in a pinch you can even crumble them in soup if they're all you've got.  Good work Triscuits.

If you disagree feel free to voice you're argument in the comments section.


  1. Carrs whole wheat, no competition...good with cheese and by themselves

  2. hmm. those may be good, but they are like fancy premium crackers, i don't think they count. jamie who?

  3. You haven't lived until you've binged on Keebler Club crackers. If you get the large box there are three packs of crackers in there. I eat a whole pack at a time, which is an obscene number of calories. I've eaten a whole box a couple of times when I was hungry. They taste great with milk.

    They make a "buttery garlic" flavor. Binging on those isn't such a good idea, especially combined with milk.


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