Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is the twitter not as mainstream as I think it is?

Yesterday I spent several hours adding new stuff to the blog page.  That facebook "like" box on the right took FOREVER.  Probably it shouldn't have, but html code and web design is not stuff I'm very familiar with.  Anyway, I'm trying to gain facebook "likes" and twitter followers.  But for some reason I get the feeling that most of my readers aren't on twitter.  A lot of people have told me face to face that they read this regularly, but by my calculations only about 14 of them are following me.  And of the 50-some people who "like" LucidSportsFan on facebook, only about 12 of them follow @LucidSportsFan on twitter.  Is it possible that only 20% of people use twitter?  I'm taking a poll starting now.  It's on the right.  And if your answer is "no," then click on the twitter button on the left or the right (but the one on the left that doesn't move when you scroll down the page is way more awesome), sign up, and follow me.  Twitter is fun, you'll like it.

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