Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today is an "other stuff i care about" kind of day

I'm trying very hard today not to think about the local baseball team, and the football team isn't a great topic at the moment either.  Luckily I have to work this morning, so I won't have the day to spend watching ESPN and ESPN2 like I often do.  Rather than bitch and moan and hear about how awful my team is, when things aren't going well I prefer to avoid talking about it and watching the news.  Sports are supposed to be fun, and where is the fun in dwelling on the negative?  So in my effort to avoid the sports world today, here's something else I care about: the beach.  I recently discovered a "panorama" photo option on my cell phone, these are some pics I took last week at Quon Soo on Martha's Vineyard:


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