Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm changing the title a little bit

One thing people keep telling me they like about my blog is that it's quick, and to the point.  So I'm going to focus on that to try to attract more readers.  Hence the new title.  And if you know me, you're probably already aware that I like to make very exact estimates when it comes to time.

On another note, I need more twitter followers of @lucidsportsfan.  I only have 31, and like half of them aren't even real.  It's pathetic.  I think the issue is that most people who read this probably don't use twitter.  I was hesitant about it for a long time too, but I promise it's more fun than you think, and you really do get news and information from it faster than anything else.  So if you're not on the twitter, I recommend you sign up.  And if by chance you're timing how long it's taking you to read this, it should be just about 37 seconds exactly.

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